ZimNinja 2.0: It’s all about the Rank

The only place to be is at the top of Google!

ZimNinja is back and very much improved. New ideas, techniques and strategies to get the most out of the search engines for businesses looking to be online.

The idea behind ZimNinja 2.0 is to work with businesses who understand the importance of being at the top of the search engines, who want to be the first business that appears in the organic search results.

Being at the top of the search results is valuable to businesses because it brings new clients and revenue into the business.


Online Marketing Benefits

What is the point of having a great looking website and no one can find it when searching for your business online?

ZimNinja 2.0


The idea behind ZimNinja 2.0 is to work with a select few businesses and dominate the search engines. SEO is complicated and time-consuming but it works.

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SEO Services


ZimNinja will work with you to rank your website in the search engines for targeted keywords that your customers are searching for in the search engines.

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SEO is the backbone of any online marketing campaign. You have to invest in getting and maintain results in the search engines. Every SEO campaign is different.

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Invest in online marketing for your business

The only place your website should be is at the top of Google. For the best results – ZimNinja


The Most Powerful Online Marketing

SEO services that will boost your rankings

All the SEO work that we do on a client’s website is done because it works. These techniques have been tried and tested and have delivered results  for websites all over the world.

ZimNinja specialises in rankings websites in Google and others search engines.

ZimNinja SEO

For many years, ZimNinja offered any online service to businesses in Zimbabwe. ZimNinja 2.0 is a dedicated SEO service for businesses who understand the importance of being seen at the top of Google.

ZimNinja has been working with businesses doing SEO on client websites for many years. We have worked with businesses in Zimbabwe, UK and Zambia, South Africa and Austrailia.

The skills needed to rank a website in Google are forever changing and being up to date with the current Google algorithm is imperative to have online success. Knowing what is working and how to move a website up the rankings is a rare skill.

We not only get your website to rank in Google, we will guide you through the SEO process. The main focus of ZimNinja is client satisfaction and getting results for the clients who work with us. We strive for online success.

We will work with you to gain the rankings that you desire. Together we will dominate the search results.


Find SEO techniques that will boost your website in the organic search results.

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Local SEO

Being a local business you need to optimise your website for local SERP’s.

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Content Marketing

Content is King. Your website needs great content to help your SEO in SERP’s.

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